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Giving a Blowjob

She jerks him off while playing with his balls Watch the semen dribble out of her mouth and down her lips

With her highlighted hair tied back and those huge tits showing, she gets down on her knees and sucks this cock dry, even paying attention to the balls and making sure she swallowed every last drop of cum he had to give.

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Getting a Facial

As we've already told you about her oral skills, one thing left to do is show you the result of when she gets it right on the guys she performs it on, like this lucky guy who can't refrain from cumming all over her pretty face, with some landing in her long blonde hair.

Peeking around the corner at the camera for us Caught in mid-air, this sperm is about to cover her

At the Gloryhole

This guy forces her to deepthroat the cock harder Playing with the load that got shot into her mouth

When you don't know who's dick your sucking, it makes the scene all that more exciting, and Brandi really enjoyed it when these two studs took full advantage of her and made sure that the whole cock went deep down her slutty throat.

Flashing in Public

Heading into an adult store late at night, this MILF can't help but want to try all of the clothes on and soon she is standing there naked, looking around and hoping that a member of public doesn't see her exposed pussy and breasts that are on display.

Brandi tries on all kinds of wierd and kinky new clothing Showing off her latest magazine and tight new dress

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Graffiti Girl

Bending over in fishnets and showing off that tight pussy Laughing at how wet she has gotten herself in the build up

Being out in public at this time of night is usually classed as dangerous, but Brandi loves to find urban areas and have very public photoshoots showing off her amazing body and the tight pussy that has made her name.