Rope Bondage from

Hogtied to her chair and stripped down forcibly to show her big breasts

She had looked very professional in her tight green suit The short highlighted hair falls over her face Nervously looking up as her top is torn open With those huge tits now on display she is anxious

This stunning MILF spends a lot of time in her home office, handling business affairs related to the huge media interest in her swinger lifestyle after she appeared on mutliple television shows and magazines talking about her open relationship with her husband and how she likes to get fucked by other guys on camera, but today there was a surprise waiting inside once she sat down to work.

The pink and black lace bra underneath looks amazing Leaning back in her chair to give a better view of her cleavage Here is a photo from when she was doing the work required Her legs are now apart and you can see through her underwear

She thought she was just going to check her emails and respond to any members of her site, but soon this babe had tight rope wrapped around a lot of different places on her body, pinning that tight green suit around all of her big curves and showing off her assets. She acted like she was shocked and surprised as well as not wanting to be tied up like she was, but you could tell from the sexual noises and moans she was making that Brandi was getting off on this.

The rope grinds against her pussy through this thin thong Showing off her absolutely amazing legs Her powerful thigh muscles can't get her out of this Both her hands and ankles are secured now as well

As it rubbed through the clothing, especially her tight and see through panties, she got more and more stimulated, eventually being soaking wet downstairs and having her top pulled off to reveal full breasts and erect nipples from how horny the thought of being dominated had got her. She loves to try out new things, and bondage like this will be high on the list in the future.

Legs wide up while suspended by rope

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